Business Lead Generation Made Easy

Wongleer helps you make the most efficient use of your time by bringing you leads, so you can focus on selling and relationship building, not prospecting. Find a new business with our best-in-class business networking platform. Wongleer takes insights about your company and identifies industry, market, company growth opportunities.  Build targeted business connections, with our […]

Wongleers new business networking tips

Creating a global business networking that sends you leads is vital for any startup that anticipates success. Even so, every business needs a networking strategy that directly impacts its output. Here are awesome tips that any business could use to get the most out of their networking strategy. Wongleer is a B2B networking platform that works […]

How to Grow Your Business Network Through Blogging and Social Media By Michael B. Fishbein Ever wonder how to create business networking platform, such as being invited to speak at events attend events, be interviewed and more?  This blog post talks about the importance of blogging to achieve the above. Another interesting take away is the ability to use some of the existing social media platforms […]

How Wongleer is Changing Global Business Networking

With business networking and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can instantly connect with people across the globe. But then what? You’re left to navigate crowded platforms that are oversaturated with personal photos and friendly gossip. For businesses, sites that fail to support a professional network that’s both useful and efficient are a waste […]

The Difference Between Wongleer and LinkedIn

While the social media landscape is currently littered with sites and newsfeeds, Wongleer has managed to breakout from all the noise. Created by Ricardo Resendiz, it was specially designed to connect businesses. Serving initially North America, Canada and Europe, it helps establishments of all sizes find and showcase services while fostering a sense of community and […]

10 Ways to Achieve Faster Success

Faster Success in business By Logan Chierotti If your feeling stuck this article is full of sound, tried and true tips to grow your business and to get you back on track. You are equipped for accomplishing extraordinary things throughout everyday life. We as a whole are. Notwithstanding, individuals regularly wind up caught in their present position, hampered by […]