The Difference Between Wongleer and LinkedIn

While the social media landscape is currently littered with sites and newsfeeds, Wongleer has managed to breakout from all the noise. Created by Ricardo Resendiz, it was specially designed to connect businesses. Serving initially North America, Canada and Europe, it helps establishments of all sizes find and showcase services while fostering a sense of community and growth. Most importantly Wongleer’s super algorithm will find new clients for your business, saving you both time and money.

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of yet another social media network, you should know that Wongleer is the worthwhile exception.

Here’s Why:

  • As a new player in the social media game, Wongleer isn’t as saturated as other networking sites. You’ll have better visibility and the opportunity to establish yourself on the ground floor.
  • With a reach spanning several continents, Wongleer allows you to put your brand in front of local, regional, national and international audiences for maximum exposure.
  • Wongleer saves time by finding and recommending the best clients and audiences for your business needs.
  • Best of all? It’s free.

Wongleer has the potential to change social media marketing for businesses as we know it. As other sites have shown, early adopters are usually the ones who see the biggest benefits.

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