Benefit from the Wongleer community

Wongleer is a business-to-business networking platform that connects buyers and suppliers, enabling enterprises to grow, whatever their size. Check out the review of a business before you connect. Expand your network of available customers, suppliers or sub-contractors, and partners. Use Wongleer to grow your firm.


Search for similar companies

Don’t lose any more opportunities. Search for companies that may have products similar to yours, companies that need your products, or even companies that have open RFPs asking for services like yours.

Engage with others non-stop

Start connecting with other businesses that you are interested in immediately. We may send you notification recommending connections, or you can find them on your own.

Rank higher than others

The more clicks and engagement, the higher your profile ranks. Become the king in the Wongleer app and on Google; get all eyes on you and increase the traffic of your business to drive more leads.

Boost your products/services

You can click the “Upgrade my account” link on your member dashboard to drive more leads and get more business. With Wongleer Premium you have the option to see which companies visited you and also bid for projects of your interest.

SEO Visibility for free

Get the visibility you deserve, free of charge. Become a member, engage with other users and enjoy the benefits of our AI match-making algorithm.

Yet another profile #NOT

Similar to LinkedIn, Yelp, the Yellow Pages or Facebook, public profiles are a key element to your audience and finding customers. Well, now it’s the platform itself that’s going to get you customers.

How to get the most out of your Wongleer community participation:

  • Create an account for free and identify target customers or suppliers in your region or nationally
  • Complete your business profile and our algorithms matches you to the best potential connections
  • Upgrade your account to search and view specific requests for products or services from buyers
  • Connect with other businesses to grow your network and build quality, sustainable relationships

Global Business Networking

Discover a powerful business-to-business networking platform, and locate buyers and suppliers to meet your unique business needs, from free SEO visibility and advanced algorithm to search for similar companies. We vet all innovators and providers and constantly scrutinize performance to ensure high-quality providers are in the network of buyers in the USA.

Look for ways to expand your firm in overseas markets. Outside of the United States, most of the world’s customers live. You can locate a new network of sellers in the USA with the aid of our information and services.

Consumers are increasingly opting to support small businesses over big-box companies.  Wongleer-a Global Business Networking goliath via worldwide community and the power of technology, is assisting in the growth of entrepreneurs all around the world.

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